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Surprise your taste buds

Hot, cold and spicy foodsAll kinds of cuisines

Discover a new world of food specialties to surprise yourself.

Welcome to  The Admiral Risty

Excellent food

Our professional chefs ensure that your taste buds will get the best possible recipes.

Diversified drinks

Nothing compliments a good meal better than a proper drink.

Great service

Our professional staff will always look after you.

The Admiral Risty

Leave yourself in our professional culinary hands

Our restaurant was established a few decades ago and has grown in popularity to become a front runner in California.

An excellent service at your disposal.

Professional chefs for professional meals.

All kinds of different cuisines.

Great variety of drinks, including cocktails.

Our menu

Here are some of the  most popular meals you can have



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Chicken rice

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Som tam

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Seafood paella

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Excellent service and excellent food. It feels like you are in an international restaurant once in there. Literally! You can have dishes from most cuisines out there. You can have Asian, Italian, Mexican and so on...

Martin Clark

The food is excellent and I always compliment the chefs after a great meal. It is one of the best restaurants in California – no doubts about it. I recommend trying pretty much everything – surprise yourself and you will love it.

John Atkins

You can never go wrong with the food in this restaurant. Close your eyes and choose randomly – you will not be disappointed, trust me. However, I must mention the excellent service as well. The staff always smiles – worth their tips.

Andy Ward

Nothing compares to a good meal and a few well made cocktails. The food is great and the service is flawless. I love the fact that no matter what you order, you will barely wait for 15 minutes or so... Great atmosphere too.

Andrew Race

Everyone mentions the great food in this restaurant, but drinks are just as attractive. You will get there for the food and you will remain for the drinks, I promise you. Cocktails are unique and taste and look amazing.

Martin Ewing

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